On Board Dyno


The System
How It Works
Speed Sensors
Meter Scales
How To Order

Learn how you can use the On-Board Dyno™ to make in vehicle measurements of Horsepower, Acceleration, Speed and Vehicular Drag under Real-World conditions.


The System
The On-Board Dyno™ system includes a Computer/Display Unit, Accelerometer, Wiring Harness, DynoLog™ Data Logging software, Data Cable and Instruction Manual.


The On-Board Dyno™ is suitable for any vehicle  from a 5 HP Mini-Bike to a 2000 HP dragster. (Higher Horsepower models available) It makes 4X4 Horsepower measurements possible.


How It Works
Read how the On-Board Dyno™ uses Acceleration and Speed to determine Horsepower and many other vehicular parameters.


The On-Board Dyno is a precision instrument with a specified digital accuracy of  +1% of reading, +2 digits. It is often more precise than expensive engine or chassis dynamometers.

Speed Sensors
On-Board Dyno™ speed is determined by a Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS). The type of speed sensor will depend on the vehicle and its speedometer system.


Analog Meter Scales
The full-scale range of the analog meter scale will depend on the selected model of the On-Board Dyno™. Full-scale ranges are available from 150 to 2000 Horsepower.


DynoLog software allows recording, display, and analysis of Horsepower, Torque, RPM, Acceleration, Speed, Elapsed Time, Time to Distance, and many other parameters.


Selection Guide-Price List
Use this guide to select the model On-Board Dyno for your car. Choose additional components to setup more than one vehicle for the On-Board Dyno™.


How To Order
DynoLab® would be pleased to talk to you about your Horsepower measurement needs and can help you select the appropriate model On-Board Dyno for your car.