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Mode of Operation Range (Digital) Resolution
Gross Horsepower:  +1999 Hp 1 Hp
Net Horsepower: +1999 Hp 1 Hp
Acceleration: +1.999 g .001 g
Speed: 600 MPH 1 MPH
Frictional Drag: 99.9 milli Lb/Lb 0.1 milli Lb/Lb
Aerodynamic Drag: 99.9 micro Lb/Lb x mph2 0.1 milli Lb/Lb

Note: Models reading power in kilowatts are also available.

Digital: +(1% of reading +2 digits)
Analog: +5% of Full Scale

Data Output
Data output is a RS232/Binary/Packet format. Horsepower, Acceleration, and Speed values are transmitted 25 times per second. Aerodynamic Drag, Frictional Drag and other vehicular parameters are transmitted during power-up or following vehicular calibration. The peak buttons may be used as event markers. DynoLog software may be used to record and analyze the data.


Power: 12 Volts DC @ 1/3 Amp
Operating Temperature: 0o to 85oC (32oF to 185oF)
Size (Display Unit): 5.10" W x 2.25" H x 5.25" D
Size (Accelerometer): 4.50" W x 4.50" H x 2.50" D
Size (Speed Sensor): Depends on Vehicle
Weight (Total System): Less than 3.5 pounds


Model Analog Meter Digital Display
STR2020-A 150 HP and 1.20 g +1999HP, +1.999g, 600MPH
STR2020-B 300 HP and 1.20 g +1999HP, +1.999g, 600MPH
STR2020-C 500 HP and 1.00 g +1999HP, +1.999g, 600MPH
STR2020-D 600 HP and 1.20 g +1999HP, +1.999g, 600MPH
STR2020-E 800 HP and .80 g +1999HP, +1.999g, 600MPH
STR2020-F 1000 HP and 2.00 g +1999HP, +1.999g, 600MPH
STR2020-G * 2000 HP and 4.00 g +1999HP, +4.00g, 600MPH

* (Special Order)