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Vehicle Speed Sensor Selection Guide





16 Pulse Hall-Effect

Fits most early transmissions.

Input: .105" Sq., 7/8"-18F Speedometer cable connects
Output: 105" Sq., 7/8"-18F to output side.



16 Pulse Hall-Effect

Fits mid/late Ford products.

Input: .105" Sq., 7/8"-18F Speedometer cable requires
Output: 105" Sq., 7/8"-18F 7/8"-18F fitting



Photoelectric (Infrared)

Reflective tape is applied to

Reflected Light beam Sensor driveshaft/axle. Monitors light
(Reflective tape included) light flashes as shaft rotates.



Inductive Proximity Sensor

Monitors passing of bolts or

(No magnets required) holes/slots in brake rotor or
wheel assemblies.

In order to determine horsepower, the On-Board Dyno must simultaneously measure the acceleration and speed of the vehicle. The acceleration is determined by the accelerometer that is supplied with the system and the speed is determined by a speed sensor. The type of speed sensor that will be used by the On-Board Dyno will depend on the vehicle and it's speedometer system or lack thereof.

Most late model automobiles are factory equipped with a Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) and the On-Board Dyno can often use this sensor. The speed transducer of an existing on-board data acquisition system can often be used as well. In either case, there will be no need to purchase a separate speed sensor.

Vehicles with mechanical speedometers will require the installation of a speed sensor in series with the speedometer cable. Vehicles that do not have a speedometer but use stock type OEM transmissions will require the speed sensor to be installed directly on the transmission. Vehicles that use transmissions that do not provide for any type of speed pick-up will require a special speed transducer. This special transducer may be in the form of a sensor that monitors the passing reflective tape on the drive shaft or the passing of metal parts on a wheel or brake rotor.

To determine which speed sensor is suitable for your car, review the above Vehicle Speed Sensor Selection Guide  and select a model that is appropriate for your vehicle and speedometer system. DynoLab can provide recommendations for special applications.