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On-Board Dyno

Model STR2020

Complete System Includes:

bulletOn-Board Dyno™ Computer/Display Unit
bulletPrecision Force/Balance Servo Accelerometer
bulletWiring Harness (with pre-wired connectors)
bulletDynoLog™ Data Logging Software
bulletDynoLog™ Data Cable
bulletInstruction Manual

On-Board Dyno(Vehicle Speed Sensor not included, see below.)


Analog Meter

Digital Display


STR2020-A 150HP, 1.20G +1999HP, +1.999G and 600MPH $1495.00 USD
STR2020-B 300HP, 1.20G +1999 HP, +1.999 G and 600 MPH $1495.00 USD
STR2020-C 500HP, 1.00G +1999 HP, +1.999 G and 600 MPH $1495.00 USD
STR2020-D 600HP, 1.20G +1999 HP, +1.999 G and 600 MPH $1495.00 USD
STR2020-E 800HP, 0.80G +1999 HP, +1.999 G and 600 MPH $1495.00 USD
STR2020-F 1000HP, 2.00G +1999 HP, +1.999 G and 600 MPH $1495.00 USD
STR2020-G 2000HP, 4.00G +1999 HP, +4.00 G and 600 MPH Special Order

Speed Sensors (Necessary for vehicles that do not have a Vehicle Speed Sensor.)
Model Description Price
SPD110-SO 16 Pulse, In-Line, .105" Sq., 7/8-18F (Early All) $99.95 USD
SPD110-FO 16 Pulse, In-Line, .105" Sq., 7/8-18F (Ford) $99.95 USD
SPD520-DSP Photo Reflective, Driveshaft, Axle $109.00 USD
SPD530-BDH Inductive Proximity, Brake Rotor, Wheel $189.50 USD

Components (Additional components for multiple vehicle installations.)
Model Description Price
STR2020 On-Board Dyno™ Computer/Display Unit $995.00 USD
G202 Precision Force/Balance Servo Accelerometer $345.00 USD
ACL2-BRK Accelerometer Mounting Bracket $36.50 USD
STR2-BRK On-Board Dyno™ Mounting Bracket $14.50 USD
AC10-EXT 10 ft Accelerometer Cable Extension $31.00 USD
WHR-15 Wiring Harness (with pre-wired connectors) $49.75 USD

Note: The standard case color of the On-Board Dyno™ is "Technical Gray" The color "Black" may be substituted on special order.


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